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Selling solution, not product. We sell our know-how which took years developing various software to achieve. There’s hardly any industry left that we haven’t worked for. Take a look at our selection of projects, give us a call or shoot us an email.

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What kind of software we deliver?

Business process management / BPM software

Systems for managing internal business processes in the companies.

  • Software and tools for HR agencies
  • Sales management and tracking tools
  • CRM, Learning Management (LMS), Attendance

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Document lifecycle management systems

Software development for the management of the lifecycle of documents in the companies.

  • Internal documents management
  • Regulatory affairs management
  • eCTD a NeeS submissions tool

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Stocks trading and brokerage software

A platform for stock traders for automated portfolio management.

  • Approved by the National Bank of Slovakia.
  • Fully modular, customizable, configurable.
  • Working in the internal network environment.

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What kind of technologies do we use?

We focus on the development of web technologies, so our software usually works in a web browser environment. It is also because our software does not require installation. It is simply updated and has low operating and maintenance costs.

What kind of software do we deliver?

Data mining, gathering and statistical analysis tools.

Online market research software, data analysis tools or prediction of financial flows of companies. And more.

  • Market research platform
  • Financial analytics and predictions tools
  • Cashflow management tools

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Transportation, logistics and warehousing tools

Desktop and mobile applications for companies providing services in logistics, transportation and warehousing.

  • GPS tracking of transported goods
  • Analysis and overview of transported goods
  • Interfaces for connection with MS Dynamics NAV.

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Waste management tools and applications

A platform for managing legal issues concerning waste management under the Waste management law 79/2015 Z.z.

  • Fully compliant with the Waste management law
  • Automated reporting to government agencies.
  • Online and on the internal network as well.

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And much more

That is just a small taste of what we do. And there is more because there are always new requirements from our clients. Contact us and we will find a solution to your problem.

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