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Mobile apps development

We have started with native development of iOS and Android apps for travel agencies, today we develop a lot of apps built on cutting-edge technologies such as ReactNative. Choosing the right technology is the most important step which determines the future success of an application.

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What kind of applications do we do?

GPS Tracking and Logistic tools

Applications for GPS tracking of truck drivers and paperwork management.

  • Monitoring and management of transports 
  • Management of documentation and paperwork
  • Real-time data sync with central servers

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Document Management apps

Applications for accessing corporate documents in online and offline mode.

  • Live access to a database of corporate documents
  • Connection to central server to sync data
  • Offline mode available

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Mobile Payments applications

Applications focused on providing payment options through mobile phones.

  • Direct payment system merchant vs. buyer
  • Credit/debit card without card itself
  • Management mode for merchants

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Which technologies do we use?

We focus on development based on ReactNative framework, which allows us to radically minimise costs, while maintaining the highest possible quality of a native app. But we deliver also native iOS and Android solutions in Swift and Java.

What kind of applications do we do?

Financial and accounting

Applications for management of finances and bookkeeping for clients of an accounting firm.

  • The digitalization of printed bills
  • Sync with central bookkeeping software
  • Direct communication channel with the client

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Travel agencies applications

Real time online holiday web based booking engine connected to large European booking systems.

  • Online booking to central booking systems 
  • Fixed and guaranteed reservations 
  • Realtime online booking of flight tickets

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Sport-management applications

Applications capable of managing sports teams and communication between players.

  • Full-featured sports-team management
  • Results management, statistics
  • Instant communication between players

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Mobile app vs. responsive website

We often meet with the requirements of clients to develop such an application that may be without a problem substituted by a modern responsive web. Mobile ‘app’ is not a necessity and it is important not to get overwhelmed by fashion trends. If you take your idea of the project to us, we will provide you with the best possible methodology and technology.

How much is it?

Advanced technologies such as ReactNative allow us to decrease the price of app development thanks to the fact that we are developing only one application for both major platforms (iOS, Android). It is not true anymore that to make an application you need double the budget because we are not developing two applications for two platforms.

And much more

That is just a small taste of what we do. And there is more because there are always new requirements from our clients. Contact us and we will find a solution to your problem.

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