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Complex web solutions development

If we are to work on a web site, it has to be challenging enough. If we have our hands free, we use new technologies, avoid using templates and often find ourselves in the position of ‘problem solvers’ - we solve problems by picking up work of other vendors that failed.

Our projects

What kind of websites we deliver?

Bank and financial sphere

Enterprise web solutions for banks and financial institutions.

  • Solutions for stock traders
  • Banks web solutions and integrations
  • Websites and tools for asset management

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E-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions for online merchants based on german platform Shopware.

  • Enterprise e-commerce solutions development
  • Integrations on 3rd parties systems (ERPs)
  • E-commerce consulting and advisory

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Art and culture

Websites and tools for theatres, museums, exhibitions, cultural institutions.

  • Websites for theatres with online ticket sales
  • Websites for museums with virtual tours
  • Websites for cultural institutions

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And much more

As we have delivered hundreds of projects, we divide our clients to various categories. Our priceless know-how is an ability to adapt to requirements of any industry. Set up a meeting or a call and we will find a solution to your problem.

Our projects

What kind of websites we deliver?

Construction and architecture

Websites for new development condos with virtual tours.

  • Virtual tours of presented buildings
  • Visualisations, groundplans etc.
  • Marketing advisory in real-estate

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Publishing houses, media, ad

Websites for (music) publishing houses, magazines, and other media.

  • Websites for online versions of printed magazines
  • Websites for media and publishing houses
  • Complex solutions for editorial offices

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Websites for travel agencies and companies working in the tourism area.

  • Websites for travel agencies
  • Integrations with international booking systems
  • Web tools for online merchants

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What kind of technologies do we use?

We focus on development in state-of-the-art technologies and we are making a headway. Where possible, we choose such technologies, that will be appreciated by the web site user, client, but also the programmer working on the projects.

Are you familiar with technologies?

Frontend development - Angular, React and VueJS

We love technologies bringing a top-notch user experience and usability.

  • Single-page web apps
  • Totally "smooth" use experience
  • Immediate content delivery

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Backend development PHP (Laravel, CakePHP)

In the background of our tools, there is usually one of these frameworks.

  • We have not reinvented the wheel and we're lazy
  • We use community guaranteed solutions
  • Standards compliant and strict code policy

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E-Commerce on Shopware platform

We're a certified partner of german No. 1 e-commerce platform provider Shopware.

  • TOP eCommerce platform for DACH region
  • Year-long experience with development on this platform
  • Large-scaled enterprise solution delivered

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Web development is a complex process

A website is not a product or commodity, but service. Many of people participate in its development. Hundreds of man hours may be behind a seemingly simple web site. It is therefore important to be responsible from the beginning - from the specification.

VÚB Asset Management

VÚB Asset Management /

We have created a complex presentation web of Asset management of one of the largest Slovak banks - Všeobecná úverová banka (VÚB) with automated updates of their funds' equity value. The web calculates and updates the price development of the portfolio four times a day providing the clients with an up-to-date summary of their assets.

Falck Healthcare /

Did you know, that in addition to providing emergency medical treatment (ambulances), Falck has a chain of medical clinics with complex services in its portfolio? We have created a complex presentation website for Falck Healthcare including an online shop where you can purchase various gift vouchers.

Falck Healthcare
Slovenské národné divadlo

Slovenské národné divadlo /

Do you remember one of the state procurements of 2016 that had the biggest media coverage and was co-organized by slovensko.digital? Thanks to us, the web was successfully completed and put into service, and we run it even today. It is powered by Drupal.

UniversalEdition /

Publishing of classical music which operates since 1901 and owns the rights to most of the music composers entrusted themselves in our hands. A giant eshop with a connection to internal databases built on the German solution Shopware, and thanks to which, we became a certified partner of Shopware.


Hľadanie krásy /

In 2016 Slovakia held the Presidency of the European Union and a lot of interesting things were done for that occasion. Together with the Slovak Design Centre we created this GIF generator, resembling those from giphy.com, that served as media support of Slovak animation. Works even today!

100 Rokov dizajnu /

Slovak Center of Design, an organization that falls under the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic has organized a beautiful exhibition - 100 years of design in Slovakia for which we have created a website that at the same time serves as a catalog of the exhibition available on touch screens at the venue.

100 Rokov dizajnu

And much more

We have more than 200 websites in our portfolio. But consider it unnecessary to show them all. Make an appointment and it is highly likely that we will show you a reference that resembles your intent.

Some of our clients

That is just a small taste of what we do. And there is more because there are always new requirements from our clients. Contact us and we will find a solution to your problem.

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