Fintech solutions and development in finance

Fintech & Finance

Software development in the field of financial services

In the area of financial services, banking, trading, trading in securities or cryptocurrencies, the use of technologically advanced solutions is necessary. Fintech & Finance is an industry we have been working on for many years, and we have developed many technologically innovative digital products for modern fintech companies.

Innovative digital solution for financial companies, traders, or fintech startups.

Fintech & Finance

In the fintech and finance field, we mainly supply these software solutions


Software for securities traders

Stockino, our flagship, is our product - a boxed solution for securities traders, to which we supply, in addition to IT solutions, also consulting services, especially in the area of regulatory obligations to the NBS.


Digital onboarding

For financial institutions, we develop modern digital onboarding solutions for clients with integration into internal client systems. Investment questionnaires, client verification, facial biometrics - all in accordance with our legislation.


Payment solutions

Innovative digital mobile payment methods, virtual POS terminals in mobile, payments via QR code - not only from the point of view of IT, but also legislation, e.g., preparing for PCI DSS certification of your projects.

  • Software for securities traders
  • Digital onboarding
  • Innovative mobile payment platforms
  • PCI DSS certification
  • Trading and analytical solutions
  • AI / ML & big data analysis
  • Trading & Asset Management solutions
  • Data visualization and client zones

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