Our team is small, but upstanding, which contributes not only to the atmosphere, but to our deliverables as well.

Our team

Companies depend on people. We prefer long-term good relations and minimum labour turnover. This increases the quality of our deliverables because our people have information and know the projects which we run in detail. We are a small company working in a small team, but on big projects.

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Tomáš Mašek

managing partner

Project manager and team leader who always meets deadlines and enforces quality of deliverables of the entire team. As a part of mental hygiene he often “bothers” his body with long jogging and Spartan races.

Marek Eisele

php backend developer

Marek is experienced PHP backend developer, who knows a lot about Angular as well. Except for large websites, he is also responsible for developing more hybrid mobile apps based on Ionic framework.

Marek Bachúrik

php backend developer / project manager

He can patiently cope with any code, and so far he has found solution to all problems in programming which he encountered. During weekends you can see him paragliding above Nitra horizon.

Michal Ferák

full stack developer / project manager

Pedant and respectable programmer able to solve any task using the most correct solutions instead of going through a longer way. There are rumors that he has a ear for music.

Samuel Sásik

business developer

He cares after our clients in the period when they do not know they are our clients. He presents, explains, promises, writes specifications, persuades and concludes contracts. He spends his free time in a fitness centre.

Paulína Šimonová

php frontend developer

The role of mother has moved Paula from the office to her home, but in her free time when she does not take care of her daughter, she also works on the company´s projects. She provides a variety of support.

Tomáš Sýkora

php backend developer

Tomas is our youngest programmer, but with wide experience from large projects. He developes enterprise solutions for our important clients.

Mária Šimková

key account manager

She cares after you – our clients. She discusses your requirements, arranges that they would be met, and distributes work to the programming team. In her leisure time she studies online marketing.

Miroslav Vadkerti

linux administrator specialist

He looks after our hardware. Thanks to him our servers can continuously cope with a huge number of people visiting our webs. You can only see him working in console.

Jaro Hanko

php backend developer

Jaro is our senior backend developer who supports our clients on an austrian market.

Martina Žilinská

office and account manager

Martina takes care of our office, but since we're too independent and reliable, she has not too much to do, so she started to take care also of you - our clients.

Martin Frimm

php backend developer

Martin is our newest team member. Junior fullstack developer, who is supporting a lot of projects we have.

Dominik Kvarda

php backend developer

Dominik extended our team in the beginning of 2018, he is responsible for supporting our existing solutions and backend development of new systems.

Mario Rosin

key account manager / austria

Mario is our key account manager for whole german speaking market.

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