We're small, but efficient and experienced company with lot of references from various areas. Check the most important milestones from our history.


We are a stable software company that over the years of its existence was able to create a great team, good reputation and wide portfolio of referrals from various fields. We carry out mainly custom software development of practically any size. Check out the milestones on our timeline of company development.

Where we operate?

26 % of the company turnover is generated by cooperating with companies in Austria, where we have our branch office. 24 % is generated in the Czech Republic, 37 % Slovakia and the rest of the pie is made in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA.


35 % of the turnover is from the field of pharmaceutical industry. 19 % is from media, 16 % finance, 10 % public projects, environment, and other fields complete the pie.

2017 / Altamira Austria

In 2017 we started to focus on foreign markets and, in particular, on Austrian market. We have acquired several interesting large clients thanks to which we have not only expanded our Slovak team, but started to build the Austrian. In addition to laying foundations of our Austrian branch, the year 2017 saw the acquisition of one of the publicly most recognized clients of Altamira - Slovak National Theater.

And that’s awesome!

2015 – 2016 / PUBLIC ERA

In the late 2015 we started to focus on public procurements, and were able to win many of them. The most important and most interesting is an application which is used by police officers, working on a department focusing on preventing extremism and violence manifestations online. Our application scans websites, defined by the policemen, and in case it found some of the watched keywords, it produces a warning for a responsible person. Moreover, it is a platform for sharing data across police teams inside entire country, and allows policemen to works more effectively and much faster. Project is funded by the Slovak government + EU funds.


We established a successful cooperation with a Prague – based company CEEOR, which a as well-known brand between pharmaceutical companies worldwide. CEEOR, which was recently acquired by an American investment gigant WPP, and renamed to Kantar Health, is a company, which provides mainly pharmaceutical research. The key product of the company is a software for promotion monitoring, which we’ve been developing since 2014. This software consists of platform for doctors, which they use for inputting data about pharmaceutical representatives visits, and stasitical and analytical software which is beeing sold to pharmaceutical companies. This sofware taught us how to maintain big data, and how to work in a truly international environment, since the company operates all accross Europe.


We established successful and long-term cooperation with an Austrian brokerage company MBI, for which we developed not only a website, but mainly an internal multi-level-marketing management system for brokers of the company, which are present in 5 countries in the central Europe.


Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR) is one of the biggest slovak hotel chain companies which owns nine 4* and 5* grand hotels in Slovak mountains High Tatras. TMR is a part of J&T Finance Group, which is largest slovak financial investment group. We developed online booking engine for TMR hotel chain, which was directly connected to hotel management software which runs on PCs of the receptionists.


We established successful long-term cooperation with agency delivering data from touroperators all accross Europe. We developed websites for large touroperators in the central Europe like: TUI ReiseCenter (www.tui.sk), ETI (www.eti.at), Ruefa (www.ruefa.sk), Neckermann Reisen / Thomas Cook (www.neckermannreisen.sk). Except large touroperators, we developed websites for number of small travel agencies, accross the mentioned countries, thanks to white-label solution, which allowed us to deliver travel booking engine websites quickly and effectively.


Altamira was a part University Technology Incubator of Slovak Technical University (InQb), project focused on small business support, funded from EU sources. We were accepted into the Incubator thanks to a web application project, which was able to generate templatized websites for small slovak towns and villages. In the meantime, Altamira was building it’s brand name on CE commercial market, and trying to get new clients by direct acquisition, and by cooperation with larger agencies, as a subcontractor.


Altamira was founded during one hot summer, impulsively but with a clear vision. The company has focused on software and web development from it’s beginning. We have never been a "startup", never had an external funding, and always worked for "real" clients.

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