Who are we and how do we work?

Software house Bratislava. Tailor-made software development.

We came into existence during the hot summer of 2009. After more than ten years on the market, we are a well established, upstanding Slovak software company that has over the period built a professional team, brand image, and a wide portfolio of references from various fields. Altamira carries out mostly custom development of software, mobile apps, and custom web solutions of virtually any extent. In addition to Slovakia, we focus largely on the market of German-speaking countries.

Look inside Altamira and meet our team.


Where do we operate?

Our HQ is in Bratislava, where the main part of our team is located, except for our foreign colleagues working with us from Switzerland, Ukraine and Estonia.


Who do we work with?

Almost half of our turnover is accounted for by cooperation with clients from the Healthcare / Pharma and Fintech areas. The Media & Culture industry is also very important to us.


In which countries?

In addition to our domestic market, we specialize in the DACH region - German-speaking countries. Additionally, we have clients in the Middle East region and the USA.

Our values

Companies depend on people. We prefer long-term good relations and minimum labor turnover. This increases the quality of our deliverables because our people have information and know the projects which we run in detail. We are a small company working in a small team, but on big projects.

  • Organically built hierarchies
  • Freedom, but also responsibility
  • Agile inside and out
  • 100% Remote Friendly
  • 100% Dog Friendly!
  • Work-work balance

Meet the members of our core team, with whom you will be in contact when working with us.

softvérová firma
Tomáš Mašek
Managing Partner
softvérová firma
Mária Šimková
Chief Operating Officer
Miso Bystricky
Michal Bystrický
Head of Development
Marián Kret
Business Developer
martin oravec
Martin Oravec
Project Manager
Lukas Saghy
Lukáš Šaghy
Project Manager
Lenka Dekrétová
Project Manager
lukas sevecek
Lukáš Ševeček
HR Manager
Laura Probstnerova
Laura Probstnerová
Marketing Specialist
softvérová firma
Martina Žilinská
Office Manager

Why Altamira?

Many, under the name Altamira, imagine the most important paleolithic cave in northern Spain. The cave is famous for its murals, which were the first in Europe to introduce us to the culture and way of life of prehistoric people.

But how can the culture and values of companies be reflected in the images offered by the present time? This was a challenge for our Altamira, which helps to display the vision and mission of each company through web solutions.

This goal is also supported by the word's literal translation. The first half alta means high, the second half mirar means to watch, to respect. Together, the word altamira takes the meaning of high value and high goals. This meaning has become the basis of our company's values.

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